Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mount Vesuvius

My dream is to see for myself the Mount Vesuvius (in italian il Vulcano Vesuvio), which is located on Italian Peninsula, on the Gulf of Naples, in the region of Campania. This volcano continues to be active and is classified as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Has a height of 1281 metres above sea level. In 1979 took place a volcanic eruption, during which were destroyed Pompei, Herculaneum and Stabiae. However the last great volcanic eruption was recorded in 1944. From ancient times the volcanic slopes were exploited economically. Until the present date, thanks to the fertile soils, are cultivated different varieties of plants, fruit and vegetables. 
The oldest vulcanological observatory (Osservatorio Vesuviano) is situated between Ercolano and Torre del Greco on the Valle del Salvatore. This observatory records 24 hours per day the seismic activity and earthquakes. The museum belonging to this observatory, you can watch exhibition of volcanologists achievements from the last 2000 years... I would very much like visit this place in the very near future! 
I hope that I will be able to follow my dream!


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Gli spaghetti alla carbonara

One of my favourite italian dishes is exactly Carbonara (in italian Spaghetti alla Carbonara), which consists of the pasta, usually spaghetti pasta and the sauce prepared from eggs, bacon, cream, cheese- Pecorino Romano and pepper. It's necessary to cut bacon into a small pieces and later fry in hot frying pan with olive oil, may be added a clove of garlic. The preparation of sauce also shouldn't be the hardest: you have to mix eggs with cheese, cream and pepper. After draining of water from the pasta, you can mix all ingredients.
 The flavour of the Spaghetti Carbonara is equally interesting as the story of this dish. One of the main theories of the origin of the Carbonara says that this dish was invented by Italian soldiers during the Second World War and was transported in the region of Lazio by miners of Umbria. The different theory says that Carbonara derived from another dish- cacio e uova- which consisted of eggs, lard and cheese. Probably the name of Spaghetti Carbonara comes from 'Carbonaro', which means 'the coal stove' or from 'Carbonari', which means 'the miners'. 
I recommend cooking this nourishing and delicious dish! Surely you will be glad!


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Erice is a historical town and comune in the province of Trapani in Sicili in Italy, situated on top of a Mount Erice at 750 metres above sea level. In ancient times Erice was known as Eryx (in greek), this name comes from mythical Eryx.
I was there in April this year and I' m quite enraptured by the climate of this tourist town and by the panoramic imagery of Trapani. Erice is surrounded by the Aegadian Islands. The first settlements were founded in the fifth century B.C. by ancient  Elymian. Where took place conflicts between the Greeks and the Carthaginians. Definitively Erice was ruled by the Carthaginians. Later the Romans gained control of the city.
Just you can visit here  the ancient the Venus Castle (Castello di Venere) and the ancient Temple of Venus ( il Tempio romano di Venere Erycina). There you can also visit the Museum Antonio Cordici, where you can see an archeological excavations from prehistory to the Roman times.
Personally, I'm enchanted by this place- Erice- situated in a mountainous area with a wonderful views. Certainly, I will go there again!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

"Don't move" an italian film

"Don't move" (in italian: "Non ti muovere") is an italian melodrama directed by Sergio Castellitto in 2004. The leading role play Penelope Cruz, Claudia Gerini and Sergio Castellitto (also a director). Timoteo- the main character is a surgeon. One day his daughter Angela sustains a motocycle accident and then has to pass this difficult period without wife, because she went on business trip. For this reason he is deeply stressed, when his colleague- surgeon operates Angela. After the surgery, he tries to talk to unconscious daughter and he confesses his great mystery that he betrayed his wife and presents many facts about an extramarital relationship.
Through this story- a sort of time travel- the viewers can meet all his life story and know this problem. We can follow memories of Timoteo and we can be a participants of his life.
For me "Don't move" is really worth watching, because contains the truth of life and we can learn something important for the future. A particular atmosphere in this film influences on our mood and feeling after watching this wonderful film...


Thursday, 15 June 2017

Milan- the fashion capital

Milan is one of the most amazing italian cities, which is considered not only as the European capital of fashion, but the fashion capital of the world. This city is famous for untypical monuments with a rich history, elegant restaurants, churches- Milan Cathedral- (Duomo di Milano) and many brand shops of the most popular designers in the world. Milan is visited by many tourist, because attracts attention its beauty. There are many museums, galleries, for example Pinacotheca The Sforza Castle Pinacoteca (Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco) with a gorgeous paintings of Titian or Canaletto. Milan is unbeatable in the fashion, where you can visit local shops any buy an original clothes that no one has. It is precisely this city dictates trends to the world. All people want to wear, what the designers show on the catwalks, for example: Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace or Fendi. Milan is famous also for the cosmetics, the interior design and the cars! 
When you will plan a big shopping for clothing (or not only), I advise you to go to Milan :-)


Monday, 29 May 2017


Palermo is a city and municipality in Southern Italy, situated in the island of Italy on the Tyrrhenian sea and is the cultural, economic and tourist capital of the region of Sicily. This city is over 2,700 years old. Palermo has its own culture and, unparalleled style and an original atmosphere, thus attracts many tourists!
I like the square Quattro Canti- Piazza Vigliena- built in the Baroque style, located in historical centre of Palermo. And, admittedly, this city is very deprived, but for me as a toruist is very interesting place, because is distinguished by its otherness, authenticity and mysteriousness... Walking down the street in Palermo, there is very loudly and there is many people. 
As regards a typical tourist place, it's definitely- the Catacomb in Convento dei Cappuccini in Palermo, yes, this place is overwhelming, but certainly is worth visiting. And the chapel in Palace of the Normans (Palazzo dei Normanni) you have to see! 
This city is very original for Street Art- numerous graffiti on the walls, for example in the district Kelsa and Borgo Vecchio. I recommend this place, because I am convinced that Palermo you will be awesome for you :-)


Quattro Canti, Piazza Vigliena, a Baroque square in Palermo, 
Sicily, Italy

The street art in Palermo

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

La Grande Bellezza

"The Great Beauty" in italian "La Grande Bellezza" is an italian-french drama film, directed by Paolo Sorrentino in 2013. This film won an Oscar and at Cannes Film Festival in the same year. The leading role in film played Toni Servillo as Jep Gambardella. "The Great Beauty" presents a story about man, who has 65 years old, is an unsatisfied artist, journalist and lives in Rome. Jep spends a lot of time on big, noisy parties and passing affairs. His life is full of pleasure, although empty, superficial without values. When he finds out the death of woman, who loved years ago, his life changes dramatically, this causes that he start thinking about his past life. In this film is presented a gorgeous image of Rome and many other image of the beauty until the luxurious life, creating even the impression of dream and surrealistic dimension. In my view, this film is too long, because is three hours long... But it's important to be prepared for watching a film of this specific type.
I recommend you to watch this beautiful film! ;-)