Saturday, 20 May 2017

Elsa Morante

Elsa Morante is an italian writer- novelist, first wife of Alberto Moravia (my favourite italian writer, I has already written on my blog about him). Her novels are identified by poetry in beauty or the evocation of feeling and penetrating analysis of characters. The books best known are: "La storia"- "History" a story about Rome during World War II and "L'isola di Arturo"- "Arturo's Island"- according to me the plot of this book is very interesting and he book grabs my attention from the start! ;-) I would recommend you! I also read "Aracoeli" her last novel, which present the relationship between mother and son. In Poland Elsa Morante isn't as well famous as in Italy, but should be. Her works were published by house Einaudi and were translated into many languages. The writing stile of this italian novelist is very specific and original and for this reason I would encourage you to read some her novel, because are noteworthy!


The book cover of "Arturo's Island" of Elsa Morante

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