Monday, 8 May 2017


When I was recently in Sicily in the region of Italy, I tasted this sicilian specialty- Cannoli. 
Cannoli in the sicilian dialect "cannolu", what means "little tube" is a dessert and come frome the Palermo. This sweet is also popular in American cuisine. Cannoli consist of a tube of fried pastry dough, which is similar to dough of polish "faworki" and filled with a creamy filling with ricotta. There are many sizes of Cannoli, for example "cannulicchi"- the size of the finger, which are very popular in south Palermo. There are many tipes of filling- with ricotta or vanilla pudding, different kinds of additives: colourful sweets, grated chocolate, nuts or candied fruit.
The history of this dessert is very interesting. Cannoli was treated during Carnevale season in Messina and is a symbol of fertility.


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