Tuesday, 17 October 2017

"Don't move" an italian film

"Don't move" (in italian: "Non ti muovere") is an italian melodrama directed by Sergio Castellitto in 2004. The leading role play Penelope Cruz, Claudia Gerini and Sergio Castellitto (also a director). Timoteo- the main character is a surgeon. One day his daughter Angela sustains a motocycle accident and then has to pass this difficult period without wife, because she went on business trip. For this reason he is deeply stressed, when his colleague- surgeon operates Angela. After the surgery, he tries to talk to unconscious daughter and he confesses his great mystery that he betrayed his wife and presents many facts about an extramarital relationship.
Through this story- a sort of time travel- the viewers can meet all his life story and know this problem. We can follow memories of Timoteo and we can be a participants of his life.
For me "Don't move" is really worth watching, because contains the truth of life and we can learn something important for the future. A particular atmosphere in this film influences on our mood and feeling after watching this wonderful film...


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