Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Erice is a historical town and comune in the province of Trapani in Sicili in Italy, situated on top of a Mount Erice at 750 metres above sea level. In ancient times Erice was known as Eryx (in greek), this name comes from mythical Eryx.
I was there in April this year and I' m quite enraptured by the climate of this tourist town and by the panoramic imagery of Trapani. Erice is surrounded by the Aegadian Islands. The first settlements were founded in the fifth century B.C. by ancient  Elymian. Where took place conflicts between the Greeks and the Carthaginians. Definitively Erice was ruled by the Carthaginians. Later the Romans gained control of the city.
Just you can visit here  the ancient the Venus Castle (Castello di Venere) and the ancient Temple of Venus ( il Tempio romano di Venere Erycina). There you can also visit the Museum Antonio Cordici, where you can see an archeological excavations from prehistory to the Roman times.
Personally, I'm enchanted by this place- Erice- situated in a mountainous area with a wonderful views. Certainly, I will go there again!


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