Sunday, 27 November 2016

"Malena" italian movie

I would like to dedicate my today's post to italian, romantic drama "Malena", in which the main role is played by a georgous actress Monica Bellucci. "Malena" was directed by amazing Giuseppe Tornatore in 2000. This film is an adaptation of the story of Luciano Vincenzoni. 

The action of the film takes place in sicilian town during the II World War. In this film is shows the story presented from the perspective of the teenager Renato, who is in love with Malena- a local beauty, who is convicted for loneliness caused by envy of many inhabitants of province who are full of complexes and they jealous of her beauty. A boy observes how changes Malena's life, she becomes a widow, loses all achievement. Malena is a focus of attention as an object of male desire and derision of woman. She becames humiliated by the gossip of envious residents. Only Renato is able to understand the problems of Malena. Finally a teenager find the courage to talk with her and he is going to help her.
I encourage all of you to watching this very realistic and extraordinary film :)



  1. I haven't seen this film yet, but I'd like to, Bellucci is always amazing

  2. I watched this film few years ago because of Bellucci, it turned out that the film is as brillitant as her!