Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Matera- an amazing place

Matera is a city and province of the region Basilicata in Italy. This place has a magic power and a pinch of mystery, which is charming for everybody. This city is known as "la città sotterranea" means the Subterranean City. Very famous are "Sassi" as ancient town of Matera belonging to list of UNESCO since 1993. Sassi di Matera- in english Stones of Matera constitute a historical center of this city and come from prehistory. Sassi was considered an area of poverty and now there is more and more developing tourism. Today in Matera are many famous restaurants, pubs and hotels. There is a lot of precious monuments for example Church of San Agostino, Matera Cathedral and The Tramontano Castle. In Matera was produced a film "The Passion of Christ" of Mel Gibson and many others masterpiece movies. This summer I'm going to go there for walk around the curving corner of stone alley, to visit "Sassi di Matera" on the background of burning sunset.



  1. Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe, I admit it! I'm going to check out the price of the plane tickets right now :)