Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas in Italy

The Christmas in Italy is the time to be in a home with the joyful people who you love, loud conversations, laugh and smell of the dishes in the air. The italian people celebrate the Christmas- decorating the Christmas tree, sitting at the table fool of various food with a family, singing carols and enjoying every moment! In Italy The Christmas Eve is a fasting day and at it modest. Usually the Italians eat a spaghetti with anchovy and nuts, drink plum liqueur, which is preparing specially for this occasion. The main traditions of Italian Christmas is cooking a turkey, decorating the Christmas tree, opening the presents and going at midnight Mass. The Italians going very often after the night mass at the restaurants and city places with their families. That day everyone is opener and happier. All people express good wishes each other, even with the passersby.
The tipes of food are dependent on italian regions. In every house is preferred any other tipe of the dishes. However, very known is panettone cakes and pandoro cakes (the yeast dough with raisins). The Panettone is used as a christmas gift. Many italians like walking and watching the cribs, to take a rest from eating. The streets are decorating of strings of coloured lights and a lot of christmas decorations. The end of the Christmas is the Day of 6 January in Italy is called Befana Day, whose the symbol is a witch on a broomstick, who gives away the presents...


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