Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year's Eve in Italy

How Italian people celebrate New Year's Eve (Capodanno) in Italy?
Every country has its own customs. In Italy New Year's Eve is the time of sumptuous fun and ceremonial meetings with people. Welcome the new year always is with delicacies such as the goulash of lentils (lenticchie). Every resident of Italy has to eat a portion of this dish before midnight. Like in Poland everybody has to drink a glass of champagne to new year will be successful and happy! An inseparable part of New Year's Eve are also dances until dawn in the homes or in the clubs. In Italy is known New Year's appetizer in italian- cotechino- the sausage of raw pork and backfat. The italian custom of New Year's Eve is throw old things out of the window to get rid of bad luck in the next year. At midnight the Italian people eat balls grapes appropriately to strikes the clock. Sharing of pomegranate with the loved person will make a coming of happiness and love in the new year. The Italians believe that the New Year should welcome in red underwear- it will guarantee the luck. Outside the window is evident the colorful lights of fireworks and is heard their vast explosion. In the morning all people meet in the restaurants to eat together croissant drink the first cappuccino in this New Year.
How do you spend the New Year's Eve?


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