Thursday, 19 January 2017

Alberto Moravia

Alberto Moravia is one of my favourite, italian writers of the 20th century. I read many of his novels including for example: "The Woman of Rome" ("La romana"), "Time of Indifference" ("Gli indifferenti"), "Two Women" ("La ciociara") and "A Ghost at Noon or Contempt" ("Il disprezzo"). However I have to admit that "The Woman of Rome" deserves to be called my favourite book of this writer! A book presents the story of young girl, who is a courtesan. This story is told from the perspective of main character. Author can analyze in detail the psyche, mind of heroine Adrianna in an amazing and original way. He can also impersonate in this character and writes as a sensitive woman. This novel is very realistic image of relationship both people. The language of this book is also marked by sophistication and richness of different stylistic devices. Alberto Moravia besides being a writer was a journalist, who described his travels in many works. He wrote a psychological novel, focusing on the functioning of the human psyche and sexuality. In a very realistic way he can render the depth of discussed problem. Many of his novels were adapted for a movie, for example: "Two Women" with beautiful Sophia Loren or "The Conformist". Alberto Moravia was a husband of Elsa Morante- a known, italian writer. 
I encourage you to read one of very interesting books of Moravia!



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