Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Winter evenings...

Very rarely I find time for spend perfect, winter evening, but when I have a moment I have to it use in 100%. In today's post I would like to present some interesting ways to spend the depressing, winter evening, so as to turn it into a cosy and nice rest in your home.

At home:
1. Watch an italian movie, for example "To Rome with Love" or "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" without forgetting a warm blanket and wool slippers...
2. Make your favourite tea and add to it a lemon slice and hint of cinnamon. There are many alternatives, make mulled wine or pumpkin spice latte!
3. Light sweet and spice-scented candles or incense stick, which will make that you will relax before a stressful day and it will surround a magic aura.
4. Listen to relaxing music- preferably italian rhythms! Maybe Eros Ramazzotti or Laura Pausini?
5. Make a home spa! Apply an energizing face mask. What does it even matter if a snow is falling outside the window?! Additionally put on your hands gingerbread-scented cream!
6. Make a warming bath! Put on it a bath bombs and sweet oils.
7. Read some italian books of Alberto Moravia or Dacia Maraini...
8. Bake a carrot cake or ginger cookies. It will help you go out of winter dejection.

Away from home:
9. Go ice skating with your friends! 
10. Take a dog for a walk. Let the snow crunching underfoot ;-)

How do you spend the winter evenings?

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