Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cappuccino/ caffè latte macchiato

Cappuccino and caffè latte macchiato are the symbols of Italy! 

Cappuccino is an italian coffee with foamed milk and powdery chocolate for decoration. This classic italian coffee should be composed of 25 ml espresso and 125 ml foamed milk. The foam should have 1-2 cm of thickness and the consistency usually is liquid and dense, creamy. This drink is given generally in the cup on a plate. The name of cappuccino coffee derived from the brown habit of Capuchins (Cappuccini). In 1901 was invented the machine for making cappuccino coffee by Luigi Bezzero. Cappuccino was known in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. After World War II the coffee making machines have come to many italian café, which disseminated even more drinking cappuccino by Italians. After 1950 this kind of coffee became popular also in England. However Americans didn't taste a cappuccino immediately. Nowadays the famous coffee is improved version (in my opinion) of cappuccino that is caffè latte macchiato- the coffee which consists of a lot of milk (more than 200 ml of milk). Caffè latte macchiato hasn't so strong coffee aroma and hasn't typical bitterness for coffee. Usually this kind of coffee should drink in a high glass and is used a long teaspoon. My favourite coffee is warming caffè latte macchiato with whipped cream and a hint of cinnamon!


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