Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Gli spaghetti alla carbonara

One of my favourite italian dishes is exactly Carbonara (in italian Spaghetti alla Carbonara), which consists of the pasta, usually spaghetti pasta and the sauce prepared from eggs, bacon, cream, cheese- Pecorino Romano and pepper. It's necessary to cut bacon into a small pieces and later fry in hot frying pan with olive oil, may be added a clove of garlic. The preparation of sauce also shouldn't be the hardest: you have to mix eggs with cheese, cream and pepper. After draining of water from the pasta, you can mix all ingredients.
 The flavour of the Spaghetti Carbonara is equally interesting as the story of this dish. One of the main theories of the origin of the Carbonara says that this dish was invented by Italian soldiers during the Second World War and was transported in the region of Lazio by miners of Umbria. The different theory says that Carbonara derived from another dish- cacio e uova- which consisted of eggs, lard and cheese. Probably the name of Spaghetti Carbonara comes from 'Carbonaro', which means 'the coal stove' or from 'Carbonari', which means 'the miners'. 
I recommend cooking this nourishing and delicious dish! Surely you will be glad!


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