Sunday, 26 November 2017

Lake Como

Lake Como (in italian Lago di Como) is situated in Northern Italy in Lombardy, which is considered the most beautiful lake in the world. This lake is the deepest in the Alps and one of the deepest in Europe. The shape of the lake on the map similar to the letter "Y". On this lake is located one island- Isola Comancina, which was inhabited in the ancient times, but unfortunately these settlements were destroyed in the 12th century. Lake Como has 3 parts: Ramo di Como, Lago di Lecco and Ramo di Colico. Every day you can journey by ferryboat or by boat. In this way you can avoid touring by land this lake, to get to coastal towns. There is an ideal place for windsurfind and kitesurfing. Very often this lake is used as background in many films, such as "Casino Royale" and "Star Wars". Interestingly, many famous people, for example- George Clooney or Madonna have villas here. 
This lake enchants tourists with its beauty, originality and magic.
I encourage all people, who love open spaces, coastal towns and perfecy scenery, to go there during your holiday! Certainly, you will relax there, among the unforgettable sights! ;-)


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