Sunday, 10 December 2017

Milan Cathedral

Generally speaking the Milan Cathedral (in italian Duomo di Milano) is a gothic and marble cathedral, which is located in Milan in the Region of Lombardy in northern Italy. Is the one of the most famous buildings in Italy and in Europe. The Milan Cathedral belongs to the largest churches in the world, as well as its stained-glass windows! Long ago there was the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and Roman Basilica of Santa Tecla of the 4th century, which were demolished and renovated. Gian Galeazzo Visconti began construction of the temple in 1386, whereas this Cathedral was finished in the era of Napoleon. 

When you will visit this place, you don't forget to attract your attention to: 

  • the roof, on which you can enter (but you have to buy an admission ticket) take a walk and see the beautiful view;
  •  la Madonnina - the statue of Our Lady, located at the pinnacles, which is a symbol of that city;
  •  the Tomb of Saint Charles (it. Carlo) Borromeo located in the crypt under the Main Altar;
  •  the stained-glass windows - the oldest originated from the first years of building of the Milan Cathedral.

I invite you to see it with yours own eyes! 


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