Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Venice is a city, which is located in northeastern Italy, by the Adriatic Sea. Is called the most beautiful city in the world. The Grand Canal passes through the middle of this city and nearby there is St Mark's Square (in italian: Piazza San Marco), located in the oldest part of the city. Unfortunately, it's often flooded by water. Independently of the weather conditions, in Venice is always charmingly, when it's raining or when it' s the middle of summer. The canals in Venice are shining, when reflect the sunlight like liquid mirrors... Humans have always predicted a collapse of Venice, because this city was located on the water and until now. Venice is famous particularly for its canals, where the tourists can  go by gondola, drinking a delicious and italian wine. Every year in Venice is organised a Carnival and Venice Film Festival. There aren't many cars, usually people move by gondola through canals and smells the moisture everywhere. In this city, like out of a fairy tale, the tourists can visit the local stalls and souvenir shops. In Venice the speciality of many restaurants is fish and seafood. 

This place is like paradise on the earth! 


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